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Vacord T Shirt Fulfillment Service

Need T shirt fulfillment, so someone can print, manage, store and ship your shirts?

Don’t want to hassle with picking and shipping anymore?

We can do that for you!

We’ll print and ship for you

Tired of shipping out shirts yourself as customers order them from your website?

Want someone else to house all the shirts and hoodies you need for conferences, and ship them to the venue before you get there?

Need someone else to not only print but manage your inventory?

Vacord would love to do t shirt fulfillment for you!

We can package and mail out individual shirts, tote bags, or hoodies.

We can prep and roll shirts for you to give out or sell at conferences and events, and ship them to the venue so that you don’t have to figure out how to pack six suitcases worth of swag for the airport!

Interested in t shirt fulfillment with Vacord?

We require a 200 piece order to get started, and you refill your inventory by ordering 100 pieces at a time. We’ll notify you when your stock gets low and needs to be refilled.

t shirt fulfillment for B2B companies

Fulfillment service details

  • We work with two different ecommerce platforms, ShipStation and Shopify (let us know if you have another system you’d want us to work with)
  • You can also email us the details of what needs to be shipped out
  • We will ship individual shirts via USPS, and larger amounts via UPS or FedEx

Costs & Minimums

  • 200 piece order minimum to get started
  • 100 piece orders to refill your stock
  • $2.50 fulfillment charge per piece to pick and package, for individual shipping
  • Individual shirt shipping cost averages $2.25
  • If we ship in bulk to a conference or event for you, the shipping charge is not per piece of course, but the actual shipping cost. The fulfillment cost per shirt for bulk shipping is much lower per piece too.
  • Labor costs for prepping shirts for a conference or other event include $0.30 per shirt for rolling, $0.20 per shirt for adding a size sticker, and $0.15 per shirt for banding
  • If you sell no pieces in a given week, we charge you a $10 storage fee. If you sell no pieces in a given month, we charge you a $50 storage fee and reserve the right to terminate fulfillment services.

How it works

  • You sell a shirt, hoodie, or tote on your site
  • Have your system send us the information
  • We pick the item and ship it from our stock for you!
  • To get started, we print 200 pieces to fill your inventory that we house. When we need to refill, we do it in 100 piece batches in order to keep your prices low.
  • If you want us to prep and ship items for your conferences and special events, we can do that too!

Ready to start? Have questions?

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