Vacord Screen Printing – ordering checklist

Want to order screen printing but you’re not sure what you need to do? Follow this handy checklist and you’ll be good to go!

Artwork –

If you need help creating or cleaning up your artwork, we can help.
For vector formats, Illustrator and PDF files work great. Please convert text to outlines so that we don’t need your font files.
For raster formats, PNG and JPG are great, if they are crisp and clean at print size, at 300 DPI resolution.

Garment type –

We can make suggestions if you’re not sure what you want, but we will need to figure out what brand, blend or style of t-shirt or hoodie you’d want. We print other stuff too of course, like tote bags, tank tops, long sleeve shirts.
You can view everything we can get at and

Quantity and size breakdown –

If you’re gathering specific sizes from people, please compile it so that we know how many of each size to order. 2XL and 3XL are usually available in most styles, and if you need anything larger than that, let us know and we can figure it out.

If you are estimating a breakdown of sizes for your order, just think about the audience they will be for. A common breakdown may be 20% smalls, 30% mediums, 30% larges, 10% XL and 10% 2XL.

Generally, 2XL or 3XL is $1.50 more per shirt.

Date you need the prints in your hands –

We need to know what date you actually need the shirts in your hands so that we know when they will need to be printed and shipped by. By the way, Vacord offers free ground shipping.

If you need to rush either printing or shipping, we can usually make that work for you!

How pricing works:

In order to give you pricing we need to know how many colors will be printed in how many locations, and what kind of garment you want.

We have price breaks at 48, 100, 200 and 500 pieces. Our minimum order is 24 pieces.

Basically, pricing goes up as the print gets more complicated (as in more locations and colors), and pricing goes down as the quantity goes up.

We can quote anything you need via email or over the phone. Just let us know the details of your order.