Drunk in a Dumpster, playing live in some dingy venue, just like punk was meant to be

I privately emailed the winners of the contest shortly after it ended, because I was thrilled that it was finally over. I got messages from people who entered, so very curious to know who won. So this quick post is just to announce who won.

For reference, the contest was here. (Oh and we’re totally doing this again later this year. Put your name on the list at the bottom of this email to be notified when we do it next time.)

So without further ado, the winners… (click their names to have links to check out their music!)

First Place, with a $500 credit at Vacord and a $250 Musicians Friend gift card:

Drunk in a Dumpster

We also gave $100 credit at Vacord to three runner ups, so in no particular order:

Zero Gear

Mosey Jones


We appreciate everyone who entered! Leave your email below if you want to be alerted the next time we have a contest for bands.

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Stuart, Founder of Vacord, who first started printing shirts for his noise band back in 2006