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Shirts for Arslan Salon & Spa

Printed with two colors of traditional inks on ladies Next Level vnecks for the staff of a Salon. This was printed large on the back, and the shirts had a smaller left chest print as well. It's very popular to do a smaller chest print and a large back print.

Shirts for an Architecture Firm's Company Softball Team

Printed with white traditional ink on triblend shirts for a softball team. The heather triblend fabric makes the tone of the shirt complex, as it is composed of many different thread colors, and three different fibers (rayon, cotton, and polyester). This is the American Apparel tr401 shirt, and it's one of the softest on the market (as well as one of our very top favorites).

Promotional Kids Shirts for Vacord

Our friend Jack submitted this design, and we couldn't resist burning a screen of it and printing a few for our smallest VIP customers. Printed with discharge ink so that the printing is super soft.

Shirts for Goruco Ruby Programming Conference

Printed with traditional inks but just one layer on the American Apparel tri-blend shirts. Using just one layer keeps it soft but make it look less opaque and more vintage, which is a very popular and appropriate combination with these soft, multi-fibered high end shirts.

Shirts for Business Insider

Printed with soft traditional ink on heather shirts for a marathon event. On heather shirts, it's helpful to use the traditional inks, which aren't quite as super soft as waterbased inks, but it allows us to be more precise to the customer's color specification. On solid color shirts, this isn't an issue. Whatever your project is, we will know the best ink and method to use to perfect the results.

Shirts for The Well, a church group in PA

Printed with black waterbased ink on gray Alternative shirts for a solid but super soft imprint

Upclose discharge shot

Three color printing on Gold Gildan g200 shirts, the industry standard in a blank shirt for screen printing

Code Climate Programming Shirts

Three color discharge printing on Anvil 980 shirts, one of our most popular shirts

Waterbased printing on heather gray shirts

Blue waterbased ink along with and on top of white discharge ink for a group at Drexel University

Ringer Tee with waterbased ink

Two color waterbased ink printing on a soft ringer tee with contrast sleeves and hems

Zoomed in shot of discharge ink

Red discharge printing on a black shirt. Note that the shirt fibers are still visible, because they were never covered up, just re-dyed by the discharge ink

Two color print for a church

Printing with two colors instead of one is still very affordable and allows for great impact in design

Clothing line print

We print for a lot of clothing lines. This was a four color waterbased print on white shirts

Fine detail discharge printing

We can do a lot of fine line work and detail with discharge when the circumstances allow it. When Stuart got a new handtruck for the shop years ago, he was so excited he put the diagram of the handtruck on a shirt for himself.

Up close discharge shot

A lovely green discharge on Anvil 980 shirts for a home brewing conference in Philly

Marvel Comics

We've printed for a lot of major companies (Microsoft, Urban Outfitters, Macy's, Business Insider, Pep Boys), but printing AIDS walk shirts for Marvel might have been the coolest

Three color print for University of Pennsylvania

We love printing for college groups, both local and not so local

Band shirts

Vacord started as a way to print shirts for a band, and to this day, bands are some of our favorite customers

Shirt for a graphic designer

Visual artists love working with us because we can nail their designs, whether it is for them or for their own clients

Shirt stack

A stack of handsome prints outside the shop on a nice day

Pure discharge ink

Without adding white pigment or any other dyes, the discharge ink makes the shirt into a white, similar to the raw cotton color

Martial Arts shirts

Red and white discharge inks on a navy shirt

You Always Live Again

Not YOLO, but YALA. Much more positive! This was a crisp four color discharge print used as a fundraiser for a school in Cambodia

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Vacord Screen Printing

"I thought the hoodies looked great, thank you so much!"

"I received our shirts and they look AMAZING!"

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"My T-shirts are amazing! Thank you sooooo much!"


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  2. Show us your artwork. We can fix it if needed, or create artwork from scratch for you.
  3. Work with us to pick out the ideal shirt, hoodie, etc for your project, and let us know the amounts of each size needed
  4. Pay an invoice and we will order your blank items and print your design to your standards
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We specialize in super soft printing

We love using inks that have a soft feel on the shirt, and specialize in waterbased and discharge inks, which are the best inks for achieving this result for our customers. Vacord is known for expertise in discharge screen printing, which is a way to remove the shirt's color and replace it with another, so that the design is part of the shirt. It won't fade, crack, or peel. Tell us about your project and we will know what ink is the best solution for your t shirt printing.


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Vacord was highlighted in Impressions Magazine for test printing discharge inks for Fruit of the Loom

"I want to make it easy for people to get quality custom printed apparel" - Stuart's mission statement for Vacord

Above, on press at the old shop, Stuart, founder of Vacord. Learn more about him at his page or on his LinkedIn profile.