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Custom Band Merch

Need shirts or hoodies for your band? We love printing for custom band merch, because that’s how we got into screen printing in the first place, by printing shirts for our own band ten years ago in a basement!

You have a band and you need awesome band merch, but like most bands who haven’t blown up yet, you need a good deal.

We want to help you with that. At Vacord, we focus on providing quality but keeping our rates reasonable.

Let us be your band merch partner!

Axe Populi, a local Philly band

Example band shirt example pricing

A print for Axe Populi from Philly. We can get a nice bright red and a bright white with discharge ink, which is super soft on the shirt. One reason we like these Anvil shirts is because they take the discharge ink so well, putting the ink into the shirt instead of on top of it.

100 black shirts with a red and white front print like this would only be $6.95 each, all inclusive, compared to $8.50 from Custom Ink, and we guarantee our print quality will be a lot better than those guys.

We also do graphic design, if you need artwork improved or created from scratch.

Fundraising for Bands

Is your band looking to raise cash so that you can put out a record or go on tour?

Do you want to order shirts but don’t have the money up front?

Vacord now has a program just for bands in which you tell your fans about your shirts, and we print them and ship them out for you!

For example, if you sell 48 shirts at $20 each and we charged $8 for the printed shirt, your band would raise $576. But if you were to sell 148 shirts at $20 each and we charged $7 to print (the price goes down as the amount goes up with screen printing), your band would raise $1,924. So that would be cash you could put towards gear, tour or recording.

Or you can get paid out in free shirts too! Then you have shirts to take on tour or sell at your merch table.

What’s in it for us? We make money from printing the shirts, and that’s why we offer this partnership (plus we like working with bands).

How it works

  • Show us your design, and we’ll quote you at our normal price breaks (48, 100, 200, and 500 pieces)
  • We set up a Gumroad e-commerce page that you can send your audience to
  • Your fans buy the shirt at the fundraising price of $20 or $25 or whatever you choose
  • Promote the fundraiser to your mailing list and on social media (we can help you with promotion ideas!)
  • Run the fundraiser for a set amount of time
  • Once it’s done, we’ll print all the shirts, and ship them individually to those who purchased one. (We can add on to the order if you need a bunch for your own merch table or for tour)
  • We’ll write your band a check for the difference between the shirt costs and the amount raised, pay you out in free shirts
  • The more shirts you sell, the more you raise, as the shirts get cheaper at the price breaks.

Have questions about the band fundraising program? Want to try it out?

Shoot us an email to get answers or get started.

Order band merch

Need some band shirts?

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  • Call us at 888-787-4587 to talk about your project, or if you have questions
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Sample shirts we’ve printed for bands

Rap Legend
band merch
Hidden Volume record label shirts
Mose Giganticus
band merch shirts
band shirts

Bands, labels, venues and festivals we have printed for

  • Kayo Dot
  • The Uncluded
  • Kimya Dawson
  • Aesop Rock
  • Infinien
  • Scott Radway
  • Northless
  • Johnny Showcase
  • Cleric
  • Cheers Elephant
  • Scott Pryor
  • Chris Kasper
  • Denison Witmer
  • The Edison Proposal
  • Adam Ant
  • El Malito
  • Birdie Busch
  • The Sweetback Sisters
  • Hectic Zeniths
  • Slowey & The Boats
  • Kevin Haley Band
  • Brooks Wilson Band
  • The Don Jones Band
  • Boatrocker
  • Mary Bragg
  • Magic Death Sounds
  • Hocking River String Band
  • The Debbie Samuels Band
  • Whales and Cops
  • Grass
  • Mose Giganticus
  • The Local Natives
  • Yuppiecide
  • Axe Populi
  • Towers
  • The Emotron
  • Mikingmihrab
  • Bear & Walrus
  • Nervosity
  • High Two
  • World Cafe Live
  • Connie’s Ric Rac
  • Big Noize Inc.
  • Rhymesayers Ent.
  • Warped Tour
  • Mophonics
  • Caravan