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Vacord Screen Printing Gallery

We've printed thousands of designs. Here's just a sample of some of the past prints. Let us know what we can print for you!
Vacord custom screen printing shirt

Founder of Vacord, Stuart, is a licensed hot air balloon pilot, so he asked his business partner Adam from the shop to design a balloon related Vacord logo, and this is what came of it. Then he printed a couple hundred.

University of Pennsylvania Haptics shirt

Clear discharge printing on a Gildan Cardinal Red shirt for a group at University of Pennsylvania. Cardinal Red discharges a lot better than regular red, coming out a bright white instead of a slightly pinkish white. Cherry Red is another great alternative to Red shirts if you’re looking for great discharge results.

Zip hoodie printing

An Alternative Apparel brand hoodie with a two color print separated by the zipper for a musician.

Bergamasco discharge printing on a shirt

Bergamasco Shepherds are the dogs who look like they have crazy dreadlocks, and these shirts were a delight to print because the customers brought several of these dogs into the shop when it was time to pick up their shirts. Printed on Alternative Apparel shirts with discharge inks. The very small area of a second color illustrates how much impact a tiny bit of an accent color can have on a design.

Sleeve print

A two color sleeve print for a conference. Short sleeves are pretty easy to print, especially when it is just one color and discharge ink.

Vacord zip hoodie printing

Bright clear discharge with red line work on top of it, printed on American Apparel 5497 hoodies. The 5497 zip hoodie and the 5495 pullover hoodie by American Apparel are 100% cotton, which is rare for a hoodie, but important for discharge ink, which only works on cotton. The higher the percentage of cotton in the blend, the better the discharge results, so these hoodies are truly best for discharge. 90/10 and 80/20 cotton/polyester blends can have very nice results too.

custom graphic tee

A two color vibrant blue and green discharge screen printing on black shirts for a clothing line.

Clothing line tee

Two color discharge print for a clothing line on thin and soft Alternative Apparel ladies shirts.

Band tshirt

A sweet shirt for a Philadelphia metal band, printed on the Moss green Anvil 980 shirt, using clear discharge and black waterbased ink. One of Stuart’s favorite shirts that he’s ever printed. He still wears his all the time. Discharge printing holds up very well over the years.

Martial arts hoodie

Another great example of bright clear discharge with no pigment added. This time it is a Krav Maga symbol on heather gray hoodies, probably a 90/10 or 80/20 cotton/polyester blend. Only the cotton discharges (polyester doesn’t react with discharge inks) but there is enough cotton in the blend that you still get a nice print.

Penn Dental Medicine shirt

Tri-blend navy blue Next Level vnecks for Penn Dental. These shirts aren’t mostly cotton, so they don’t discharge well. We used traditional ink on these for a very nice and bright result.

Company tshirt

Five color discharge print on yellow shirts. Tight registration of colors is fine with our high-end presses.

Wonderland cat shirt

An impressive three color print using traditional ink for a clothing line. Only two colors are visible, and the third color is a white underbase, which lets the neon yellow and neon pink be more vibrant and rich.

Tattoo shop tshirts

A great of example of “straight discharge” ink, IE discharge ink without white pigment or any color dye added. This results in a print that is the raw cotton color, and super soft because there is nothing on the shirt.

Softball shirt

Three color softball shirts printed with discharge inks on Cardinal Red Gildan shirts. Cardinal Red works a lot better with discharge than standard red shirts. Discharge results depend on the dye used to produce the shirts. Not all shirt colors work well, but we know what colors to avoid, and how to get the best results.

Business shirts

Two color print using waterbased screen printing inks on white shirts for a physical therapist.

Graphic tee

One of our favorite customers, Holderman Art Graphics, sends us gems like this one. They usually request the Hanes Nano 4980 shirt, which is a nice fitting, ringspun cotton shirt that works great with discharge inks.

Goat farm tshirt

Tremendously fun delivering these shirts to a Pennsylvania goat farm and getting a tour of the facilities. Those goats were crazy.

Enjyn shirt

Black waterbased ink and white discharge ink on Asphalt American Apparel 2001 shirts for a company.

East River Place sweatshirt

A three color waterbased print on white sweatshirts. The printing comes out super soft with waterbased and discharge inks because the print settles into the fabric instead of sitting on top of it.

Cute tshirt

A very small run done for Christmas gifts. Our friend Peter designed this French man. Ooh la la.

High school tshirt

Forest Green shirts with a discharge print for a marching band at a Philadelphia suburb high school.

Cute octopus shirt

Bright clear discharge of a very sad octopus (we feel his pain) on brown American Apparel ladies 2102 shirts.

Aquamen on a shirt

Heather gray shirts with green and black waterbased printing. Note that the heather pattern of the gray shirt itself shows through the green ink because the ink isn’t opaque like traditional ink is.

Fundraising shirts

A two color discharge print on Charcoal Gildan g200 shirts for a fundraiser in Alabama.

Non-profit organization tee

A three color discharge print for a non-profit organization. Discharge works not only for print colors that are lighter than the shirt color, but also for darker inks. The brown in this design was also discharge ink, even though it’s darker than the green of the shirt. Discharge inks can be printed “wet on wet” which means no drying time between layers, so it can be quicker and easier to print than traditional inks.

Special event shirt

Special event shirts are our cup of tea. Two colors of discharge on black Alternative Apparel shirts.

Skyline tshirt

Very high detail work with white discharge ink, using halftones to create the image the customer wanted for his clothing line. We can work wonders with discharge screen printing. Let us know what your project entails.

Clothing line print

A Philadelphia based clothing line, and a good example of our neon pink inks.

Band tshirt

Brown ink print for a local band, Bear & Walrus.

Tree discharge printing

Tone on tone looks great with discharge. Here’s an example of a teal green on American Apparel Evergreen shirts.

Artsy tree shirt

Tone on tone with white accent for a clothing line. Printed on American Apparel, these came out beautifully.

Vacord van promotional shirt

An experimental print, in which Stuart mixed pigments into the clear discharge ink while printing, which results in colors fading into one another. It’s difficult to do because it takes a few shirts before it looks interesting, but becomes too evenly mixed after a few dozen prints and stops being interesting.

Custom church shirts

We’ve printed for a ton of youth groups and churches. Note that these thin blue lines weren’t a problem at all for the discharge inks, and we can actually do more fine discharge work than this when it is set up properly.

Cute owl tshirt

A one off print for a holiday gift years ago. Orange ink on a yellow shirt.

Fundraiser tshirts

A breast cancer fundraiser shirt. Pink discharge ink is fun and easy.

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